Flattr Plus for publishers

Flattr Plus is an innovative solution that enables all website owners and content creators to directly receive payments from their readers and users.

Users decide on a budget they are willing to spend for online content, and the Flattr Plus add-on will distribute that budget on the sites users visited. A sophisticated algorithm ensures that payments will be based on the actual engagement with a website rather than just visits.

Why Flattr Plus works

Flattr Plus solves the problems that weaken existing micropayment solutions. Whereas in previous micropayment schemes users have the task of manually funding single articles, the Flattr Plus algorithm automates that process. Of course, users will still be in complete control.

Flattr Plus works for you!

Flattr Plus will work for all publishers and content creators who already have Flattr. Those who do not can register with Flattr, and will then be able to receive payments through Flattr Plus as soon as it is released. For all questions regarding your participation as a publisher or content creator, please do not hesitate to contact us..

How to sign up for Flattr Plus

All interested users can sign up for Flattr Plus starting today to get access to the beta as early as possible at flattrplus.com The product will be released in beta early this fall and available globally by the end of this year.

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